Chloe Kim: From snowboarding phenom to America's next sweetheart

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Who Is Chloe Kim Dating? The Gold Medalist Is Too Busy For Relationships

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Olympic Snowboarder Chloe Kim Gushes About Her Mom and Dad: 'I'm So Lucky to Have Them'

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This is the secret to Olympian Chloe Kim's frizz-free waves

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How many calories do Olympic athletes need to consume to fuel their bodies?

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Chloe Kim's wish list after winning gold medal at Olympics 2018: 'I will try to go to prom, find me a boy'

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How Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim plans to celebrate her win

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Chloe Kim Didn't Cry When Winning Gold At The Olympics Because She "Worked So Hard" On Her Eyeliner

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Things you don't know about Chloe Kim

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Chloe Kim: Meet the Olympic snowboarder who won gold

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Olympians Chloe Kim and Red Gerard are our Gen-Z heroes

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Best Dad Ever? How Chloe Kim's Father Quit His Job to Help Make Her Olympic Dream Come True

X Close Curious about who Chloe Kim is dating? At least I'd like to think so." A teenage girl who's too busy kicking butt to worry about relationships? Now that's a role model I can get behind.
Who Is Chloe Kim Dating? The Gold Medalist Is Too Busy For...

Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim knows what's best for business, and sometimes that means a boy has got to go. Because dating isn't everything. At just 17 years old, Kim could be on her way to making history as the youngest American female snowboarder to win a medal.
Who is Chloe Kim dating? This is Chloe Kim's relationship status

Who Is Chloe Kim Dating? The Gold Medalist Is Too … On Monday, 17-year-old Chloe Kim became the youngest woman ever to win an Olympic snowboarding medal when she scored Team USA's third gold of the 2018 Winter Games.
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Her name is Chloe Kim and there she is on the cover of "ESPN: The magazine." After 17-year-old gold medalist Chloe Kim dominated the halfpipe here in pyeongchang this week with a near perfect run she quickly became America's golden girl.
How Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim plans to celebrate her win

The Games are nearly over yet for athletes like Adam Rippon and Chloe Kim, the endorsement deals are just beginning. Kim, the 17-year-old gold medalist from California, already counts Nike NKE , Toyota 7203.T-JP and Mondelez MDLZ on her roster.
Olympics gold medalist Chloe Kim's next hurdle at age 17: Sudden...

She was too busy having fun. Chloe Kim is just dancing on everyone's grave right now #Olympics. Kim earned the the gold medal for the U.S. at the competition, and also scored points for charm.
Chloe Kim Dances at Gold Medal Run in Olympics | Time

Kim's gold medal, which she won in the women's halfpipe finals, can be seen around the dog's neck in the pic. Kim has been busy filling up her canine companion's feed with sweet memories and adorable photos for some time.
Chloe Kim shares Sports Illustrated cover — and gold medal!

There are some dating clichés that are all too familiar—"it's not you, it's me" and "I really like you, but I'm not ready to be in a relationship" immediately come to mind. And now there's a new one making the rounds: "I'm too busy for a relationship right now."
You Can Totally Be Too Busy for a Relationship | Glamour

Gold medalist Chloe Kim of the United States celebrates her gold medal win during the Snowboard - Ladies' Halfpipe competition at Phoenix Snow Park on February 13, 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea. Could be down for some ice cream rn.
Snowboarding gold medalist Chloe Kim: I won't work with sponsors...

Dear Ms. Chloe Kim, Hey there. I know you're probably busy winning gold medals and stuff but just wanted to send you a quick "hello." I screamed for the American Shawn Johnson bounding down the balance beam one year. Then the next, I wept over the Korean Kim Yuna and the gold medal I...
Dear Chloe Kim | The Cavalier Daily

Chloe Kim isn't just a gold medalist: she's a transcendent star. Read more. Im truly sorry Chloe. You've repped our country so brilliantly. I apologize to my colleagues & the listeners for being a total idiot.
Chloe Kim: radio host apologises after calling gold medalist 'a hot...

On Tuesday, it was Kim who had a gold medal. And with that honor came the opportunity to thank Clark for all she's done since that little girl was happy to meet her Olympic hero. Kim gave Clark the Order of Ikkos medallion, a honor which an Olympic medalist can bestow someone who has...
Winter olympics: Gold medalist Chloe Kim honors mentor Kelly Clark

It was a wild time. For Chloe Kim, she won her first Olympic gold medal. Long-story-short, they obviously figured it out. Competing in PyeongChang is serendipitous for Kim who has family in the area.
Chloe Kim's Dad Is The Ultimate Supporter Of His Gold Medalist...

"Chloe Kim took the time to tweet about a breakfast sandwich in between her gold medal-winning runs...this is the most I've ever related to an Olympian."
People Think Chloe Kim Is The Most Relatable Gold Medalist After...

The newspaper said the 17-year-old gold medalist was "better" at tweeting than snowboarding. This is the 17-year-old's first time at the Olympics, but she's also four-time X Games gold medalist. Kim's accomplishments have already made her a fan favorite at the games.
Wall Street Journal's Chloe Kim Joke Falls Flat | HuffPost

Dating & Relationships. A day earlier, the elder Kim told the "Today" show that his daughter was his American dream. The younger Kim, who dominated women's snowboard halfpipe event on Tuesday, told reporters after her victory that she "did it for my family."
Chloe Kim's Dad Celebrates The 'American Dream' After...

Chloe Kim, the Korean-American snowboarding sensation, has been drawn into the debate on immigration. Illinois Sen. He then spoke about the younger Kim — a newly minted Olympic gold medalist.
Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim's father would have been denied...

Gold Medalist Chloe Kim didn't cry when she won the gold -- in order to protect her makeup. Olympian Chloe Kim Couldn't Cry After Winning Gold: 'I Worked So Hard on My Eyeliner!' Jillian Ruffo. February 13, 2018 11:15 AM.
Gold Medalist Chloe Kim Held Back Tears to Protect... |

Chloe Kim just wowed us all by winning the gold medal in PyeongChang for the Olympic halfpipe. Obvi this is something that very few 17-year-olds can accomplish, but don't be fooled. Kim is just like every other teenager (just add a gold medal).
Chloe Kim Didn't Cry When She Won a Gold Medal... | Her Campus

The two finished at the top at the 2017 Open. Although White may hold the record for the most X Games medals, Kim booted him from his title of youngest X Games medalist. She is the only X Games athlete to achieve three gold medals before the age of 16. | Gold medalist Chloe Kim is doing things Shaun White has...

Chloe Kim is a professional snowboarder who, at 17, won a gold medal in the women's snowboard halfpipe competition at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
Chloe Kim Biography - Biography | Who Is Chloe Kim?

Chloe Kim, who stood atop the podium on Saturday at the Winter X Games, is the youngest gold medalist in the history of the competition, ABC News reports. The 14-year-old beat out Kelly Clark at the Women's Snowboard SuperPipe, fearlessly executing a...
Chloe Kim Is Youngest Gold Medalist in X Games History

Chloe Kim is now both. by Barry Svrluga by Barry Svrluga Email the author February 12 Email the author. BONGPYEONG, South Korea — When she stepped to the top of the platform, slightly higher than her competitors, and an official who helps oversee the sport of snowboarding handed her a...
Ice cream-loving teen or dominant gold medalist? Chloe Kim is now...

Olympian Chloe Kim, the halfpipe snowboarding gold medalist who won over the world with her unapologetic 17-year-old humor and athletic prowess, began her appearance on the latest Fallon Five with something of a shocking revelation about what it's like to win at the Olympics.
Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim 'felt really empty' after her big win

Now she's an Olympic gold medalist — the youngest American woman to win an Olympic gold medal for snowboarding — and she has some good advice for anyone who might be feeling nervous before a big event: Eat a churro.
Chloe Kim Funny Food Tweets Calm Olympics Nerves | Kitchn

A US radio host has been fired after calling teenage Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim a 'little hot piece of a**'. Patrick Connor made the sexual remarks on Tuesday after the 17-year-old won the gold medal in the women's halfpipe in Pyeongchang, South Korea .
Host fired after calling Chloe Kim a 'hot piece of a**' | Daily Mail Online

(She was only 13, and 15 was the cutoff.) She was also a four-time gold medalist at the Winter X Games and won the gold for both halfpipe and slopestyle at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics. And her story is equal parts inspiring and relatable for so many.
7 Reasons We Can't Get Enough of Olympic Gold Medal... | Brit + Co

From atop a mountain in South Korea last week, gold medalist snowboarder Chloe Kim - who graces the cover of the newest issue of Sports Illustrated - lamented the half-finished breakfast sandwich that got away.
Winter Olympics 2018: US Gold medalist Chloe Kim tweets about...

The bubbly teenager scored a 98.25, which is especially impressive because the silver medalist scored on 89.75. "Going to my third run I knew I had the gold," Kim said at a post-event news conference.
Chloe Kim Wins Gold: 10 Things You Might Not Know About the...