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  • Students share religious sacrifices they make for Ramadan ...

    Students share religious sacrifices they make ... money even if they don’t, they should share it ... way to observe Lent and remember the entire ...

  • Celebrating the Liturgical Year with Your Students ...

    It is always an appropriate time of year to discuss the liturgical year with your students. ... with Your Students – Teaching About Lent. ... celebrate and ...

  • Ash Wednesday “Kicks off” Lent | Ave Maria Press

    Allow ten to fifteen minutes for discussion. Call on the groups to tell how these Gospel messages can be applied to the way Catholic teens observe Lent. Applying the Lesson 1. Assign a small core of students to investigate local outreach programs. When they report back, have the class vote for a Lenten project to help the hungry, homeless or lonely.

  • Lent: what it is and why we celebrate it – The Eagle Flyer

    Lent marks the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now, to some facts and figures. According to a survey conducted by LifeWay Research, 76% of Americans do not observe Lent. That’s a lot of Americans. The organization states that the primary reason why most Americans fail to observe Lent is because it involves giving up pleasures.

  • Diverse students look to observe Lent - USA TODAY College

    Thousands of college students are taking part in Lent, ... Diverse students look to observe Lent. ... from something because they think it’s bad for them ...

  • Most Americans Don't Observe Lent, According to LifeWay ...

    Most said they attend church services (57 percent) during Lent, and many also said they pray more (39 percent) and give to others (38 percent). “There’s a lot more to Lent than giving things up. Americans who observe Lent also take other steps — like praying, giving, and going to church more — to practice their faith,” said McConnell.

  • Teachers Notes for the Lesson on Religion and Faith in ...

    Teacher's Notes on the Lesson on Religion and Faith in Modern ... How are they the same? Have Muslim students share their ... on what they can eat during Lent, ...

  • Lent and Easter - A Journey for Hope

    Lent and Easter – A Journey of Hope. ... During Lent groups and individuals share what they have to bring ... Students celebrate and reflect on the action they took ...


    first to make sure they match ... Share with them how you observe Lent and what ... Teachers can prepare them at home and bring them to class for their students

  • How To Talk To Kids About Lent | Jellytelly Parents

    How to Talk to Kids About Lent. ... their heads or how they are ... about the importance of preparing to celebrate the Resurrection, please share with the ...

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