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  • After spokesman quits in protest, ICE 'can't put a number' on missed arrests
  • Abolishing ICE should be a litmus test for Democratic candidates in 2020
  • ICE spokesman resigns, citing fabrications by agency chief, Sessions about arrests
  • Oakland mayor moved by ICE spokesman's resignation over claims 800 people eluded arrest in NorCal raids
  • California ICE Spokesperson Quits Over 'Misleading' Arrest Claims
  • Bay Area ICE spokesman resigns, refused to deliver 'misleading facts,' report says
  • ICE spokesman quits, citing Trump administration's 'misleading facts' on immigration
  • ICE Spokesman Quits Over Leaders' Use Of 'Misleading Facts' To Discuss Calif. Arrests
  • Calif. lieutenant governor: Trump trying to turn ICE into 'personal army of hate'
  • San Francisco Sheriff: 'We Made A Mistake' After ICE Agents Allowed Inside Jail
  • An ICE spokesman quit over the Trump administration's “misleading facts”
  • ICE spokesman says he quit over 'false' claims by DOJ officials
  • ICE Director Says Agency Doesn't 'Arrest Innocent People' Despite Surge in Noncriminal Arrests
  • ICE spokesman resigns, cites misinformation spread by Trump administration
  • ICE Spokesman Resigns, Saying He Could No Longer Spread Falsehoods for Trump Administration
  • San Francisco ICE spokesman resigns, slams Trump for spreading “false information”
  • California ICE spokesman quits, accuses Trump administration of fake news
  • ICE spokesman resigns, citing fabrications by agency chief, Sessions about Calif. immigrant arrests
  • ICE Spokesman Quits, Bashes Trump Administration On Immigration Raids
  • ICE spokesman in NorCal says he was asked to parrot 'alternative facts' about Libby Schaaf

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