Why some are angry over Sessions' 'Anglo-American heritage' comments

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Liberals Really Do Go Overboard on Racism Sometimes

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Trashing our Anglo-American legal tradition does no one any favors

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Civil Rights Groups Blast Sessions for Praising Sheriffs as Part of 'Anglo-American Heritage'

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Jeff Sessions is not racist, and the outcry over 'Anglo-American' principles is idiocy

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The Anglo-American Office of Sheriff

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Who Jeff Sessions is talking about when he praises “Anglo-American” law enforcement.

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Jeff Sessions's 'Anglo-American' comments, and the danger of the liberal Trump outrage machine

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Jeff Sessions spoke of the 'Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.' Here's what that means.

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Sessions Touts Survey Which Shows More Boys Want to Become Cops

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Sessions: Sheriffs Are a 'Critical Part of the Anglo-American Heritage of Law Enforcement'

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