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  • Putin wins reelection as Russia’s president; FBI’s McCabe ...


    Sessions fires McCabe – U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday fired Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s former second in command, who has been criticized by President Donald Trump for being biased against his administration.

  • Exit polls suggest Putin easily wins re-election


    Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe's attorney slammed President Trump for consistently tweeting about his client's firing at the hands of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Edward Snowden blasts integrity of Russia's presidential election, asks Russians to 'demand justice'

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin Wins Reelection


    Russian President Vladimir Putin Wins Reelection Putin's United Russia party also won a majority of votes amid a "record low" voter turn-out of 47.8 percent.

  • As Putin wins reelection, UK says they have proof Russia ...


    As Russian President Vladimir Putin secured reelection for the fourth time on Sunday, tensions between his state and UK officials continue to mount, with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson accusing Putin’s regime of stockpiling banned chemical weapons and conducting research into how best to ...

  • Putin Wins Sham Election, Trump Battles FBI – Atlantic ...


    To no one’s surprise, Vladimir Putin wins reelection in Russia. Donald Trump goes to war on the FBI. Nick Ottens Founder and Chief Editor Russian president Vladimir Putin participates in a videoconference from the Kremlin in Moscow, December 27, 2016 (Presidential Press and Information Office) To no one’s surprise, Russia’s Vladimir Putin won another six-year term as president on Sunday ...

  • McCain: Trump’s Congratulations to Putin ‘Insulted Every ...


    Sen. Jon McCain called out President Trump for congratulating Vladimir Putin Tuesday on his re-election, saying an American president “does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections.” Trump’s interactions with Russia are under a microscope because of ...

  • FBI's Andrew McCabe fired by Sessions - usatoday.com


    FBI's Andrew McCabe fired days before retirement; Trump applauds Sessions' move. McCabe, who put in his resignation in January, was fired Friday effective immediately after the Justice Department rejected an appeal that would have let him retire.

  • Patterico's Pontifications » President Trump Congratulates ...


    The Russian people and international observers may not see last Sunday’s presidential election in Russia as legitimate, but President Barack Obama has now officially endorsed the return of Russian past and future President Vladimir Putin.