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  • Student march another step toward sensible change
  • Pennsylvania High School Punishes More Than 200 Students for Participating in National Walkout Against Gun Violence
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas students can change the status quo
  • Video shows deputy didn't enter school while gunman killed 17
  • Clive McFarlane: Solution to US school shootings lies at the southern border?
  • Top 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history
  • Video of events outside school shooting to be released
  • Marni Soupcoff: Even if the death penalty makes sense at all, it's not right for Nikolas Cruz
  • Bay Area high schoolers walk out over gun violence, break through school gates in Concord
  • Is it time to look away? Health effects of watching violence in the media
  • Parkland shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz silent in court during arraignment
  • Judge enters not guilty plea for Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz
  • Florida AG Will Seek Death Penalty For Parkland Shooting Suspect
  • Florida Will Seek Execution of Nikolas Cruz in Parkland Shooting Trial
  • Florida prosecutors to seek death penalty for accused Parkland shooter
  • Florida prosecutors seeking death penalty in school shooting
  • Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty Against Accused Parkland School Mass Shooter
  • Prosecutors will seek death penalty for Nikolas Cruz, Parkland shooting suspect
  • Prosecutors will seek death penalty for Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz
  • Prosecutors to seek death penalty for Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz

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