Obamas' official portraits unveiled

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Michelle Obama Wears Patterned Milly Gown in Official Portrait

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Bad News: Kehinde Wiley's Portrait of Barack Obama Is a Bummer

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The Shifting Perspective in Kehinde Wiley's Portrait of Barack Obama

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5 things you may not know about Kehinde Wiley, the artist behind Barack Obama's presidential portrait

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The Hidden Political Message of Michelle Obama's Portrait Dress

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The Michelle Obama portrait is striking — and so is the gown she wore for it. This is its story.

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Obama Portrait Artists Merged the Everyday and the Extraordinary

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The Obama portraits are direct, vital, and above all, cool

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Obama portraits unveiled, break with tradition

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Obama Portraits Blend Paint and Politics, and Fact and Fiction

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Paintings Of Barack And Michelle Obama Unveiled At Portrait Gallery

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