Fly Jamaica Airways plane headed for Toronto crash lands in Guyana shortly after takeoff

The airline says it believes all passengers and crew were safe following the crash. St. Lucia News reports there were 82 Canadians on board

Fly Jamaica plane carrying dozens of Canadians makes emergency landing in Guyana

St. Lucia News was reporting that six people were injured in the incident, but were stable and being treated at the Diamond Regional Hospital in Georgetown

Jet overshoots runway in Guyana, several injured

Officials say a Fly Jamaica Boeing 757-200 aircraft has overshot the runway at Guyana's main international airport, injuring several people

Boeing Jet Crash-lands at Guyana Airport, Six Injured: Minister

The Fly Jamaica Airways plane was bound for Toronto when it suffered a hydraulic problem shortly after takeoff and returned to the airport, crashing and skidding off the runway.

Guyana: Fly Jamaica Airways flight crash-lands at airport, six injured

Transportation Minister David Patterson said the injuries are not life-threatening.

Airliner carrying Canadians from Guyana crash lands after technical problem

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — A Fly Jamaica Airways plane headed to Toronto and reportedly carrying dozens of Canadians crash landed in Guyana on Friday after reporting a technical problem shortly after takeoff.

The Canada-bound plane was forced to return to Cheddi Jagan International Airport after experiencing technical problems

Boeing jet crash-lands at Guyana airport, 6 people injured (PHOTOS) — RT World News

Six people were injured after a Boeing 757 with more than 120 people on board crash-landed at Guyana’s Georgetown airport, officials said. The aircraft was en route to Canada.

Fly Jamaica Boeing 757 crash-lands at a Guyana airport, injuring 6 people Fly Jamaica Boeing 757 crash-lands at a Guyana airport, injuring 6 people

A Fly Jamaica Boeing 757-200 bound for Toronto crash-landed on return to the airport in Georgetown, Guyana.

Six injured as Fly Jamaica jet crash lands at Guyana airport

A Boeing passenger plane has crashed in an emergency landing in Guyana. At least six passengers were injured when the Fly Jamaica plane, which was headed for Toronto, crash landed at Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Friday.

A BOEING jet crashed 45 minutes after take off at a Guyana airport in South America and six passengers have sustained injuries.

Fly Jamaica plane crash lands at Guyana airport after 'technical problem'

A Fly Jamaica plane has been forced into a crash landing at a Guyana airport after developing a “technical problem” en route to Toronto, leaving at least six passengers injured.

Boeing Jet Crash-Lands At Guyana Airport, 6 Injured: Minister

A Boeing jetliner carrying 126 people crash-landed at the airport in Guyana's capital Georgetown on Friday, injuring six people, the transport minister said.

A Fly Jamaica Boeing jet headed from Georgetown airport, in Guyana, suffered a hydraulic fault ten minutes into the flight and had to make an emergency landing, injuring six people.