China News: The AI news anchor was jointly developed by Xinhua and the Chinese search engine company, According to Xinhua, "he" has become a member of

Should This Chinese AI Bot Replace All News Anchors?

A hard question with no easy answers.

China’s Xinhua news agency unveils world’s first AI anchor

China created what it claims is the first AI news anchor — watch it in action here

China’s state-run press agency, Xinhua, has unveiled what it claims are the world’s first news anchors generated by artificial intelligence.

China has developed a virtual anchor to deliver the news

News anchors, beware. The robots are coming for your jobs, too.

World's First AI News Presenters Unveiled In China. Watch Video

Xinhua, China's state-run press agency, recently unveiled virtual newsreaders that combine the images and voices of human anchors with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

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Chinese news agency gets a virtual news anchor powered by artificial intelligence- Technology News, Firstpost

So as long as the text input is fed, the AI anchor can pretty much be on camera for 24 hours if required

The ‘tireless’ artificial news readers simulate the voice, facial movements, and gestures of real-life broadcasters

Both impressively realistic and yet unsettlingly soulless.

Chinese news agency debuts news anchor robot

It's the latest proof for some that perhaps one day we will be replaced by robots -- well, at least all of us here in the news studio.

IN a world first, a Chinese state news agency has created a virtual newsreader that works 24/7 and says whatever it is told to.

China unveils AI news presenter

The state news agency Xinhua says the nameless presenter will help reduce news production costs.

Xinhua News Agency debuts AI anchors in partnership with search engine Sogou

AI anchors have the ability to work 24 hours a day provided human editors keep inputting text into the system

Xinhua's first English AI anchor makes debut Xinhua's first English AI anchor makes debut

Xinhua's first English AI anchor makes debut at the World Internet Conference that opens in Wuzhen, China Wednesday. Follow us on: YouTube: https://www.youtu...