James Comey Has a Story to Tell. It's Very Persuasive.

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Trump's tweet on firing Comey is thoroughly debunked by Donald Trump

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Trump denies Russia investigation was behind Comey firing

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Trump Is Making Everyone a Little Like Him

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Watch Stephen Colbert's Full 32-Minute Grilling of James Comey Here (Video)

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Trump sours on talking with Mueller after FBI raid of lawyer's office

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A Higher Sanctimony

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James Comey To 'Fresh Air': The FBI Isn't 'On Anybody's Side'

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What we learned from James Comey's book about leadership—aka, the book about Trump

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The Hill's 12:30 Report

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Far-right activist interrupts Comey book event

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The Hill's Morning Report: 200 Days to the Election

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Comey says US presidents — including Trump — are too busy to 'screw up' their relationship with Australia

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James Comey Still Looks the Part

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James Comey faces the public's questions at New York book event

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Comey's other target in new book: Rudy Giuliani

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Comey gamely endures TV's gantlet but caves on the right to call Trump orange

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James Comey disputes the notion that his controversial book is 'a tell-all'

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Trump Reverses Self on Why He Fired FBI Chief

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Trump's rage at Mueller is increasingly delusional. But it's even worse than that.

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