Trump Wants to Cut Off Funds for Puerto Rico's Hurricane Recovery

According to a new report from Axios, President Trump is considering stopping federal aid to Puerto Rico for its recovery from Hurricane Maria. Trump apparently believes that the island is using the relief money to pay off their debt. This, obviously, isn’t real, unlike Trump’s power to cut off aid, which could harm millions of Americans.

Trump Reportedly Wants to Nix Disaster Aid to Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump reportedly wants to end disaster aid to Puerto Rico.

Trump wants to end federal relief money for Puerto Rico: report

President Trump reportedly wants to end federal relief money for Puerto Rico to aid its recovery from Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster on record to affect the island. 

Donald Trump wants to cut off disaster relief for Puerto Rico after concocting his own conspiracy theory

Experts: Puerto Rico in Danger Without Disaster Plan

More than a year after Hurricane Maria, the government of Puerto Rico remains unprepared for future natural disasters. Officials there recently admitted that they have not made a new disaster plan. And it is not clear when they will, the Associated Press reports.

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