Let Trump lead, and give Russia probe a rest

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The FBI's Russia investigation was a tangle of conflicting motives and unintended consequences.

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From 'Crossfire Hurricane' to 'Tin Panda,' a look at notable FBI code names

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Russia probe began with FBI's secretive 'Crossfire Hurricane' investigation

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Rolling Stones song inspired 'Crossfire Hurricane' codename for Trump-Russia investigation

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Crossfire Hurricane: How the FBI handled the Clinton emails and the Russia-Trump probes

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Trump, North Korea, NBA: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

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NYT: Investigation into Trump's campaign kept quiet and cautious before 2016 election

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Republicans Prove They're the World Champs of Working the Refs

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Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation

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Here's Your Unclassified Briefing on Secret Government Code Names

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