Florida Man Tallmadge D'Elia Killed By Exploding Vape Pen, Thought To Be First Death Of Its Kind

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Florida Man Killed by Exploding Vape Pen

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Man died after a vape pen exploded and embedded pieces in his head, autopsy says

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Exploding e-cigarette killed Florida man, coroner says

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A vape pen killed a man after it exploded and pierced his skull

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This May Be a First: Exploding Vape Pen Kills a Florida Man

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A vape pen killed a 38-year-old man — and it's a type of e-cig that's wildly popular among one group of vapers

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St. Pete man is first US vaping death. Are e-cigarettes safe?

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Exploding vape pen caused Florida man's death, autopsy says

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Ex-CNBC producer killed by his own vape pen: How did it happen?

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Autopsy confirms exploding vape pen caused Florida man's death

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