A top Pence aide abruptly withdrew from his unusual White House role after Trump criticized him

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National Space Council Will Deliver Space-Junk Plan to Trump, VP Pence Says

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Mike Pence tells Colorado Springs crowd about going to the moon and cleaning up space junk

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White House readies new system for space traffic management, VP Mike Pence says

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Pence's pick for national security adviser steps aside after Trump reportedly objects

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Watch Vice President Mike Pence speak on space policy at the 34th Space Symposium

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White House Boots Pence Adviser Who Once Ran Attack Ads Against Trump

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Pence National Security Aide Steps Down Two Days After Being Named To Job

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Comey book: Vice President Pence more concerned with political spin than Russia threat

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GOP Pollster Withdraws From Role Advising Both Pence and Haley

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Trump, Twitter Fingers Flying, Exclaims. Pence, Note Cards in Hand, Explains.

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