UPDATE: Police say alleged Dixon High shooter released from hospital; identify weapon

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'Countless lives were saved': Officer stops armed 19-year-old at Dixon High School

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Trump financial form discloses Stormy Daniels debt payment to Cohen

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Bullied student who was kicked off the football team for smoking pot is identified as high school gunman who was shot ...

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Officer Shoots Armed Student at High School, Charges Filed

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Illinois police officer shoots former student who opened fire in Dixon High School

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'Things could have gone much worse': Charges filed against ex-student accused of exchanging gunfire with cop at ...

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This officer stopped a school shooter before anyone got hurt

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Police Officer Hailed as Hero After Shooting an Armed Former Student at an Illinois High School

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'Heroic' Illinois officer guns down school shooter

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'Heroic' resource officer hailed for stopping armed teen at high school, saving lives

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'It could have been a lot worse': Officer confronts armed 19-year-old at Illinois high school

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Dixon High School shooting: Shooter is former senior, recently expelled

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Dixon High School senior wounded by officer after firing shots near gym

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