Jim Jordan targeted by deep state-tied group in Ohio State abuse scandal, Matt Gaetz says

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Ohio State wrestlers disagree over whether Jim Jordan knew of abuse

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Unshaken by Abuse Scandal, Conservatives Are Sticking With Jim Jordan

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Republicans Supporting Rep. Jim Jordan Amid Sex Abuse Investigation

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Former OSU wrestler defends Jordan against allegations

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Paul Ryan's comments signal GOP support for Jim Jordan after Jordan is accused of ignoring abuse

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Ryan and top GOP leaders back Rep. Jim Jordan amid Ohio State allegations

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Allegations Complicate Rep. Jim Jordan's Political Career

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Twitter Users Skewer Jim Jordan After He Slams CNN For Doing Its Job

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What the Jim Jordan scandal tells us about GOP morality

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Speaker Ryan, Republicans rally around Rep. Jim Jordan amid wrestler abuse allegations

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Another former OSU wrestler says Jim Jordan knew about alleged abuse

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Paul Ryan views allegations against Rep. Jordan as 'serious,' will wait for review, aide says

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Trump says he '100 percent' believes Rep. Jim Jordan's denials he knew of abuse allegations

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Powerful GOP Rep. Jim Jordan accused of turning blind eye to sexual abuse as Ohio State wrestling coach

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