Migrants decide to depart Mexico City with or without buses

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Thousands of Central American migrants decided to depart Mexico City on Friday and head toward the northern city of Tijuana, opting for the longer but likely safer route to the U.S. border, caravan organizers said.

Migrant caravan plows on despite facing border bottleneck after Trump tightens asylum rules

A major shot across the bow from President Trump on Thursday may give migrants in the Central American caravan second thoughts about entering the U.S. 

Migrant caravan to leave Mexico City for US border

A group of thousands of Central American migrants on Friday will leave Mexico City and continue their journey toward the U.S. as the Trump administration takes steps to limit their ability to request asylum. 

As migrant caravan winds through Central America locals give participants supplies while affluent Mexicans complain

Migrant caravan decides to push on toward U.S. border at Tijuana

Thousands of Central American migrants opt for longer but likely safer route, as Trump tightens U.S. asylum restrictions

MEXICO CITY – Central American migrants in a caravan that has stopped in Mexico City demanded buses Thursday to take them to the U.S. border, sa ...

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Migrants in caravan shrug over US vote, eye change at home

Migrant caravans moving through Mexico played a big role in midterm election campaigns, but the migrants themselves know little about the races