Update: Planned Nevada execution halted after use of lethal drug disputed

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Nevada execution delayed indefinitely after ruling on drug

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Courts Halt Nevada's Disgusting Plan to Execute Convicted Killer With Untested Drug Cocktail

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Why Nevada's Execution Drug Cocktail Is So Controversial

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Nevada Execution Is Blocked After Drugmaker Sues

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Nevada Postpones Planned Execution Using Fentanyl

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Injunction Stops the Nevada Prison Planning to Use Fentanyl in an Execution

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Nevada judge halts execution after objections from drug company

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Nevada execution with new, controversial drug combination on hold

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Nevada judge halts execution of convicted killer after drug company files suit

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Execution blocked after company objects to use of its drug

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Nevada prison illegally bought execution drugs, pharma company alleges

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Drug company's lawsuit could derail Nevada execution

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Death row interview: Scott Dozier says he is ready to be executed and reveals why

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Nevada execution plan sedative blamed for troubles elsewhere

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Nevada plans execution with never-used-before drug cocktail

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