Updated: Georgia GOP Primary Focuses on Illegal Immigration

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Georgia Candidate For Governor Doesn't Plan To Use 'Deportation Bus' To Deport Anyone

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Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Is Riding Around in a 'Deportation Bus' That He Promises to Fill With 'Illegals'

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Georgia GOP Gubernatorial Primary Gets Tough on Immigration

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WATCH: GOP 'deportation bus' candidate cowers as protesters swarm his racist vehicle

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Georgia Governor's Race: 2018 Candidate Michael Williams Is Campaigning on a 'Deportation Bus Tour'

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Georgia gov candidate blasts 'liberal' YouTube for briefly yanking his 'deportation bus tour' video

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Georgia GOP Gov. Candidate Wants To Round Up Immigrants In 'Deportation Bus'

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Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Begins “Deportation Bus” Tour With Promise to “Fill This Bus With Illegals”

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Out-Trumping the competition: Georgia candidate for governor debuts 'deportation bus'

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He's campaigning for governor of Georgia on a 'deportation bus'

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