Obama 'best' president of recent years, Pew survey finds

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Americans Say Barack Obama Was Best President of Their Lifetimes

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Poll: Americans view Obama as the best president of their lifetime

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Hannity on Trump Trip To Europe: "The Apology Tour Is Over"

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Americans choose Obama as best president in their lifetime, survey says

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Poll: Barack Obama Was the Greatest President of Our Lifetime

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Barack on top! Most Americans believe Obama is the best president of their lifetime, followed by Bill Clinton and Ronald ...

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Americans rank Barack Obama as best president of their lifetimes: Poll

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Obama tops survey of 'best presidents'; Trump runs fourth

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Sorry Trump: Barack Obama Seen by More Americans As Best President of Their Lifetime

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Barack Obama Is the Greatest President of Our Lifetime, Say 44% of Americans

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Poll: Americans name Obama among the best president in their lifetime

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Americans were asked to name the best president of their lifetime, and Obama won

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Poll: Americans Name Obama Among the Best Presidents in Their Lifetime

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Obama Tops Public's List of Best President in Their Lifetime, Followed by Clinton, Reagan

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