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Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock claimed Americans need to wake up to government plot to seize guns

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Las Vegas gunman made 'anti-government' rants, sought to have AR-15s converted to fire fully automatic: Witness

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Las Vegas Gunman Railed Against Government Before Shooting, Police Documents Show

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'No One Is Answering, No One Knows': What Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses Told Police

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Witnesses: Stephen Paddock Ranted About a Government Plot to Seize Guns Prior to Las Vegas Shooting

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Las Vegas gunman was tidy, but made housekeeper uneasy, say papers that paint picture of the massacre

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All the new details revealed in Las Vegas shooting documents

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Las Vegas shooting witnesses describe chaos and compassion

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Gunman's staring bothered housekeeper before Las Vegas shooting

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The Latest: Hotel guest reported hearing Vegas shots nearby

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'I'm not gonna lay here and just get shot': Survivors recount the terror and chaos of the Las Vegas massacre

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Las Vegas police release bodycam footage from killer's hotel suite

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