With Rick Grimes gone on The Walking Dead, Sunday's episode felt like a second pilot, or repilot, of the AMC series. For the remainder of Season 9, The Walking Dead jumped forward six years. So much has changed in that time that it's a clean start,…

The Walking Dead: "Who Are You Now?" - Paste Magazine The Walking Dead: "Who Are You Now?"

"Who Are You Now?" jumps the Walking Dead timeline far forward, into the world of Judith Grimes.

‘The Walking Dead’ Fans React to Episode 906

Six years after the loss of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), The Walking Dead gets a new new beginning.Alexandrian leader and head of security Michonne (Danai Gurira) has become hardened and isolationist, and is disapproving of Judith’s (Cailey Fleming) decision to bring home a group of survivors [...]

'The Walking Dead' Review: 'Who Are You Now' Leaps Forward, but Is a Step Back in Quality

Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 6 Who Are You Now is depressingly familiar despite a huge time jump.

The Walking Dead: 14 Biggest Takeaways From The Time Jump

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The Walking Dead Recap: Grave New World

There are some major developments among the survivors in an episode that highlights how different things have become in the A.G. (After Grimes) era. A recap of The Walking Dead season nine, episode six, ‘Who Are You Now?’

'Walking Dead': Here's What You Need to Know About That Talking Zombie

The next big storyline on "The Walking Dead" begins now, with that talking zombie after the lengthy time skip following Rick's exit

<i>Walking Dead</i> Recap: Flash-Forward to New Characters, New Couples and (Finally!) the Arrival of the Whisperers Walking Dead Recap: Flash-Forward to New Characters, New Couples and (Finally!) the Arrival of the Whisperers

'The Walking Dead' recap: Season 9, Episode 6 reveals who's coupled up after the time jump and how we first meet the Whisperers.