Dem leaders request formal update from DOJ on whether Whitaker should recuse himself

Democratic leaders

'He should recuse himself': Democrats urge Acting Attorney-General to step aside from Russia probe

US Democrats threaten to subpoena Acting Attorney-General Matthew Whittaker if he maintains oversight of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, saying his appointment by President Donald Trump is is simply part of an attack on the investigation.

Newly empowered House Democrats threatened to subpoena the acting attorney general and take other measures as they push for his recusal from the investigation.

The president just meant the acting attorney general isn't "a friend" he’s known for "his entire life,” Conway said.

Schumer mulls pass protection for Mueller

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday that Democrats could tie a measure to protect special counsel Robert Mueller to must-pass legislation should acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker not...

A newly powerful House Democrat is warning new acting attorney general Matt Whitaker any role he plays with the Mueller probe 'will be exposed.'

Chuck Schumer: Republicans should be 'very worried' about 2020

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Sunday that Republicans should be worried about their chances in the 2020 cycle after the “rout” they suffered Tuesday at the hands of Democrats, who are headed for their largest gains in the House since 1974.

Democrats plot to address 'crisis moment' for Mueller investigation

Three presumptive Democratic committee chairman on Thursday outlined on a call for Democratic lawmakers the steps they're planning to take to investigate the firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and protect special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation following the appointment of acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.

Sessions replacement Matthew Whitaker called Mueller's appointment 'ridiculous' and 'a little fishy'

The new acting attorney general who is expected to have oversight over special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation has expressed deep skepticism of the probe, including calling Mueller's appointment "ridiculous" and "a little fishy."

Mueller's investigation of Trump is going too far

Probing the finances of the President or his family goes beyond special counsel Robert Mueller's purview, says former federal prosecutor Matthew Whittaker.