Elderly Man Beaten Bloody Thanks Passer-By as Arrest Is Made

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The Latest: Elderly man beaten bloody thanks key witness

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Woman Arrested for Allegedly Beating Elderly Latino Man, Yelling 'Go Back to Your Country'

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Suspect Arrested In Alleged Racist Attack On Elderly Mexican Man

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Fundraiser by Erik Mendoza : 92 Yr old Man Brutally Attacked. - GoFundMe

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The Latest: Elderly man beaten bloody thanks key witness

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91-year-old man beaten with a brick asks God's forgiveness for his attacker

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92-year-old grandpa beaten with brick reacts to arrest of his alleged attacker

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Elderly man beaten bloody thanks passer-by as arrest is made

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Willowbrook brick beating victim says he doesn't condemn, resent attacker: 'May God forgive her'

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Arrest made in beating of 91-year-old who reportedly was told to 'go back to Mexico'

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Woman Arrested in Beating of Man, 92. 'Go Back to Mexico,' She Reportedly Said.

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Woman Arrested in Beating of Grandfather in Willowbrook; Sheriff's Dept. Calls It 'Not a Hate Related Incident'

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Woman arrested in beating of 92-year-old man on sidewalk

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Arrest made in brutal beating of 91-year-old man

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Woman is arrested for beating Mexican grandfather, 92, with A BRICK after 'he accidentally bumped into her little girl' in ...

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Woman Arrested in Beating of 92-Year-Old Man Who Was Struck With Concrete Brick

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Woman arrested for allegedly beating 92-yr-old with brick

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Woman Arrested For Violently Beating 92-Year-Old Willowbrook Man

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Woman arrested in assault of 91-year-old Mexican man who was told to 'go back to your country'

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